Winterizing Your Used Harley Davidson Motorcycle

It’s almost time to put your motorcycle away for the winter, and Freedom Road Cycles wants to be sure your bike is in tip top condition when you pull it out next Spring. Winterizing your bike is an important part of maintenance, and essential before you put your bike away for a couple cold, wet months.

Winterizing your bike takes a few steps:
1. Clean your motorcycle. If you put your bike away dirty, you’re risking rust and deterioration. Take some time to wash and wax your bike before you put it away.
2. Change your engine oil. Oil absorbs water, and with the changing temperatures of winter, that can lead to condensation in your engine cases. Fresh oil can hold more water, making condensation less likely.
3. Check you tire pressure. Leaving your bike sitting for long periods of time can cause flat spots on your tires. Combat this by filling your tires to the appropriate pressure. It’s also a good idea to move your bike around periodically during the winter, and if you’re parking on concrete, consider putting down some old carpet remnants.
4. Fill your gas tank and add stabilizer. Condensation can start to form in your gas tank, so filling it up with gas leaves less room for water. Adding fuel stabilizer can also help with this problem.
5. Charge your battery. Charging your battery before you park your bike for an extended amount of time will make sure you still have power when you pull it out again. It also extends the life of your battery. Invest in a Battery Tender to charge your battery at home.
6. Cover with a soft, breathable cover.  A good cover will keep your bike safe from dust and dirt for the winter months. It needs to be breathable to avoid condensation build up on your bike, which can cause corrosion.

Another good tip to keep your bike safe and secure for the winter is not to start it unless you plan to ride it- starting it for a couple minutes is the worst thing you can do. Not only will it drain your battery, it’ll also create condensation in your exhaust. Once you park your motorcycle for the winter, keep it parked.

When you take your bike out for your first ride of the Spring, be sure you to burn off all its storage fuel with a long ride. Replace the tank with fresh gas as soon as you can.

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